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“As we go Through Life Hopefully always doing the Best we can; Still at times things can Change in a Flash !!And can get Real and out of our control..At these times are when we need some one in YOUR CORNER.To guide us and also protect Us and Our Rights even if we are in the wrong .And The Law Offices Of Stephen Molineux esq. Would Be There for You.. Walk you through all the process…Your phone calls are always returned Promptly and Personally… Very Much A Caring Law Firm … A Rare Touch for a Law Firm …” – Jeanie G.

“As good you could hope to get! Steve Molineux.” – Rob H.

“Best attorney in Delaware County and more…..” – Denise L.

“I’ve known Steve Molineux for seventeen years and he’s always been a stand-up guy, a credit to our legal community.” – Rich B.

“Steve you’re the best.” – Lenny A.

“ONE Of The Finest Law Offices In Delaware County.” – Gregory P.